Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Head is Screaming

If there was a way lately that my kids could all get along, nobody gave them the memo. Right now Grace and Hunter are arguing. I am sending them outside in the snow. Secretly I'm hoping that they get lost somehow in the snow. Not really. The day started out fine. THe kids quickly and efficiently finished their school work. We ate lunch. Then all hell broke loose. I am making them go outside to play in the snow. THat is part of the problem. They don't want to go. However because it is snowing and not too cold outside, I want them out there to get rid of some of their energy. Grace doesn't like to be outside at all. I think she will change her mind later. I just finished helping her get ready and she is excited because her friend C is outside.


Mrs. C said...

LOL I'm hoping they DON'T get lost in the snow now. Your blog would be police exhibit A. :p

Hugs, hon!!!

Jilann said...

Sometimes the arguing is a enough to make a mom crazy. I love the days when they are all getting along.

heidi said...

Ugh the ARGUING!!! Hope your head feels better soon.


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