Thursday, June 18, 2009


Butterflies always amaze me. I love their beauty and grace as they flutter through my lilac trees. I have never however seen butterflies mate. Until today. It is so fascinating. I have pictures to prove it. I saved these butterflies from the mouth of my cat this morning. How cool does it look? I know two posts in one day. But this is just something I couldn't wait to share.

Aunt B.


Aunt B said...

such awesome pictures.

Aunt B said...


Sheri said...

ok, what you have there are a couple of them having butterfly private time...ahemmm...

Look like: Eastern Tiger Swallowtails

Hard to be 100% sure without a pic of their wings completely displayed, but looks to be a match.

Very nice. I love butterflies-we did that raise your own butterflies last year, saw gorgeous Pipevine Swallowtails in the mountains of NC and just simply love watching them. Cool.

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